Featured Business Owners

Featured Business Owners

Want to know more about the self-employed business owners featured in this guide?

This page contains short bios for each of the business owners and their companies. There is also a link to each business owner’s website or social media, and a short video where each shares their personal experiences and gives advice on becoming self-employed.  

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Alex Babat

AB Tech Solutions

AB Tech Solutions is located in Missoula, Montana, and specializes in computer repair, IT services, network design and management, server implementation, cloud solutions, and other technology issues that a business might face. Alex also sub-contracts with national companies to provide tech services to local stores.

Kolter Beneitone


MT Sno is a shave ice (snow cone) business that Kolter operates out of a specially designed accessible trailer. He serves locations and events around the city of Missoula, Montana, including music festivals, fairs, private events, and a regular location at a local grocery store. MT Sno is a franchise of Tropical Sno.

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Elizabeth Daughton

Believe in Me Photography

Believe in Me Photography is based in Northwest Montana, and specializes in nature photography. Elizabeth turns her original photographs into greeting cards, which she sells through her website, at regional art shows, and to retail businesses.

Josh & Trevor Hughes

Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company // Team Kaizen Games, Ingenium

Team Kaizen Games is a video game production studio located in Great Falls, Montana, and is Montana’s 1st PlayStation Certified game studio. In addition to developing their own games, Josh and Trevor also provide educational opportunities for students to learn game development.

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Melissa Lafontaine

Earth Within Flowers

Earth Within Flowers is an earth-inspired floral design business in Missoula, Montana that uses flowers from local and regional farmers. Melissa also offers one-on-one consulting and group education on the cultural and medicinal uses of flowers and floral design classes.

Ed Worrell & Travis Stevenson

OverHere Consulting LLP

OverHere Consulting is an assistive technology training company that specializes in adaptive software and hardware training for people with visual impairments. Ed and Travis are based out of Great Falls, Montana but serve customers across the state of Montana. They work with agencies and organizations that serve blind and low-vision clients, as well as individuals with visual impairments. 

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