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The home page has links to the eight chapters. Clicking on these title or images below the title will take you to that chapter. You can also hover over the chapters drop-down menu at the top right corner of the site to move between chapters. 

At the very top of the website, there are links to access additional information. These include:

  • Home – returns you to the Home page 
  • About Us – describes the website and content developers
  • Website Navigation – describes the layout of the website
  • Materials –links to downloadable files of the chapter materials, including print-only versions of each chapter
  • FEATURED Business Owners – information about the business owners featured on the website, including short videos sharing their advice for pursuing self-employment
  • Chapters –a drop-down menu for easy navigation between chapters


Chapter Pages

At the top of each chapter page is that chapter’s title. Some of the chapters begin with an Overview Video, located next to the chapter title. Below the title and Overview Video is Focus Area 1. This is where you will find the content of the chapter.

Focus Area 1

Within Focus Area 1, chapter content is separated into tabs. Tabs are the titles located across the top of the box in Focus Area 1. Click on the tabs left-to-right to move through the chapter content in order. 

Once you’ve clicked on a tab, read the information on that page. Then, click on the buttons at the bottom of that page to open pop-up slideshows for more detailed information. To exit a slideshow presentation, click on the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the slide, or anywhere on your screen outside of the slideshow. This will take you back to the tab page. 

The Introduction tab in each chapter contains a link to a print-only version of the chapter. The print-only versions, as well as all other worksheets or documents, are also located in the MATERIALS page at the top of the site. From there, all content can be downloaded and printed. 

Throughout the website, there are audio and video links that highlight experiences from business owners with disabilities. Click on the ‘play’ icons to hear and see this content. All video content is captioned, and all audio content links to a full transcript. 

Focus Area 2

Chapters 2 through 7 include a second focus area called Check Your Understanding, located below Focus Area 1. This section contains review questions and answers, so you can assess your understanding of the chapter material.


Accessibility Recommendations

We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer, or a large electronic tablet to view this guide. Viewing on smartphones is not recommended.

The website is best viewed in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported.

If accessing the website from a computer, use:

  • Chrome with Windows
  • Safari with Mac

The following screen reader and browser pairs work best:

  • JAWS and Firefox
  • NVDA and Chrome
  • Voiceover and Safari

If accessing the website with a mobile device, the following pairs work best:

  • Android, Surface, and Windows 10 devices pair best with Chrome
  • iPad/iPhone pair best with Safari (this option is recommended for people with vision loss)

For any issues with website navigation or accessibility, please contact